The Chavurah Program is a wonderful, unique experience that has enhanced many members' lives. Being a member of a Chavurah (from the root of the Hebrew word meaning "friend") can help members make new friends within our Temple Sinai family and enjoy social gatherings and holiday celebrations with each other.

A Chavurah is a small affinity group that gathers together regularly with the intention of developing meaningful relationships thereby deepening members' relationships with one another and with Temple Sinai. These groups have gone on cultural outings, tried new restaurants and shared many fun times.

The Temple Sinai Chavurah program was launched at the end of 2011 under the leadership of Mike Benesch. It was an idea that had long been considered but it took his vision and hard work to make it happen.

Becoming a Chavurah participant is easy and there is no fee involved. As a member of Temple Sinai, you can join a Chavurah by completing an application that can be obtained at the Temple office or by an email request to Upon receiving your request, Mike Benesch and Ellen Rothschild, the co-chairs of the Chavurah Program, will work with you to get you started in a Chavurah.