Our formal learning opportunities for youth culminate in 9th/10th grade with Confirmation.  This is a school year filled with new kinds of learning and exciting experiences.

Rabbi Kahn’s and Chazzan Abramson’s monthly seminar-style classes explore issues on the students’ minds and in the news.  Students are challenged to synthesize their learning from previous years and clarify where they stand on a variety of questions.

Class discussions are supplemented with Jewish movies, dinner at the Rabbi’s house and visits to local places of worship.  The highlight of the year is when the students, accompanied by the Rabbi, attend the L’taken Social Justice Seminar in Washington, DC.  Along with several hundred other youths from around the country, our students learn about critical national issues and then present their carefully researched personal position papers to our representatives on Capitol Hill.

The Confirmation service is one of the congregation’s favorites.  It is student-led and each Confirmand speaks about an important aspect of his/her Jewish life.  Having watched most of them grow up, it is both affirming and satisfying to know that the future of Judaism is in their hands.

Post-Confirmation activities at the temple include youth group, reading Torah during the High Holidays and being a madrich/madricha (aide) in our Religious School.

Our 2019 Confirmation Class