Temple Sinai Membership

Temple Sinai is a gateway to Judaism and Jewish living for all generations.  Our members represent the entire spectrum of the Jewish community. While many were raised in the Reform Movement, a significant number of families and individuals for whom our temple is their spiritual home come from more traditional households. Still others came to Judaism later in life, either alone or after meeting a Jewish spouse and raising a Jewish family.  The diversity within our community is one of our greatest strengths.

We welcome members who are joining for the first time to take advantage of our first year rate.

Associate Members (not a permanent resident of this area), have their own category of membership.

For more info, contact VP of Membership, Elana Margolis at elanatemple@aol.com

SPECIAL-  One-year Gift Membership for families with school-age children!  All new members will be hosted by current members.  A great way to ease into temple life and meet new people. Offers full membership benefits.  Call for details- 922-9322  ext. 222.

If you would like to talk with someone about temple membership, please call the temple office at 941.924.1802.

For the Temple Sinai Membership Forms, click on the link below. You may then print out the application and return it to the office as instructed.

Temple Sinai Membership Form

We appreciate your interest in becoming part of the Temple Sinai community and look forward to welcoming you in person.