Rabbinic Search

Rabbi Michael S. Churgel, RJE served our congregation until June, 2018 and we are currently searching for our next rabbi who will start in July, 2019. During the interim we are fortunate to have Rabbi Huntting and Chazzan Abramson at the helm.

Change can be uncomfortable for many of us, but let’s look at it as an opportunity.  Temple Sinai is a unique place. The warmth and friendliness of our congregation is second to none.  We have always prided ourselves in being different than classical Reform Judaism with our innovation and creativity.  Our culture is what makes us special.

We are in the early stages of the search process.  We have a lot to offer, and we are confident that we will find a qualified candidate, who will be comfortable in our environment and find us attractive as well.

We are committed to keeping our congregation informed of our progress.

The search committee welcomes questions and comments from the congregation.  Please click on Questions/Comments to send us your requests.