Wherever one finds Jewish cooking one finds the history of our people preserved and passed down in dishes around the family table. It is cooking rich in history and symbolism. Yet, as deeply rooted in tradition as Jewish cooking is, it has always been open to new influences and inspirations. So, if you haven’t written down Grandpa Gary’s recipe for stuffed cabbage or Aunt Sandy’s brisket, do not worry: modern twists on traditional favorites are what keep Jewish cooking alive and vibrant.

Jewish cooking is “food with a story” — a story that spans the globe, from the Middle East and Africa to Eastern Europe, across the Mediterranean and far beyond, with tastes and aromas unique to each region. To carry on the storytelling tradition, we will share new recipes with you to make for a week-day meal, Shabbat dinner, or for the next holiday… each recipe will give you a new chapter to reflect on and share with the people in your life.

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