Temple Sinai Catering

Four months ago, Temple Sinai made a bold move.  When our long-time kitchen manager, who was leasing our space, decided to move on, we took a risk and hired our own Kitchen Manager/Chef, Adam Woldman.

Adam has over 25 years’ experience as a chef and caterer in New York City.  He has successfully served from small to large groups with his culinary expertise.

In essence, Temple Sinai is now in the catering business.  Adam is our employee.  His first responsibility has been to prepare and set up our weekly wine and cheese reception prior to Friday night, Shabbat services.  His efforts here have won him resounding praise from the congregation. There is a wide variety of treats to choose from, and it is all beautifully prepared and presented.

Adam has prepared a number of meals for various groups in the congregation.  Included have been a Friday night dinner and a reception for Circle of Friends contributors.  The meals have been tasty and aesthetically pleasing.  Members of your leadership have noticed, and Adam will be providing the food for next year’s Passover Seder as well as our annual Gala.  Most upcoming congregational dinners will be included as well.  Adam will also be contributing goodies for next year’s food festival.

You may not have noticed, but Temple Sinai has one of the nicest social halls available in the Sarasota/Manatee area.  This provides us with a unique opportunity to host Bar/Bat Mitzvah receptions, wedding receptions and other social gatherings.  Besides generating rental income for the Temple, Adam’s services will be made available as a choice for food and beverage for the event.  If someone is interested in an offsite gathering, Adam can prepare the meals, deliver them and if needed provide setup and serving.  Other offerings being considered are pre-ordered Shabbat and holiday dinners that can be picked up at the Temple.  He is also experimenting with making bagels, which can also be preordered.

So, what are the benefits for Temple Sinai and catering?  First, because Adam is our staff member, we have more flexibility in our offerings and oversight of our kitchen.  We have direct supervision of the food quality and presentation. Finally, there is a distinct financial advantage.  We have a very expensive kitchen to maintain.  By having our own in-house person, the proceeds from each meal served helps offset our kitchen costs, pays for Adam’s salary and eventually contribute surplus to help run the Temple.  This is a win / win scenario.

So, what can you, our member do?   Attend Temple sponsored food events.  If you are having any sized gathering in your home, consider Adam’s services.  You’ll love the food and you will be helping to financially support Temple Sinai.  Just call the Temple office and ask to speak with Adam’s wife, Liz, who is coordinating food and facility arrangements.

Our vision is to grow and solidify Temple Sinai in the minds of members and non-members alike, as a viable catering and banquet destination.