Temple Sinai Launches New Website which Features The Torah Project

Welcome to our new Temple Sinai website with a refreshed look and new features – one of which is a blog. We will issue short articles, written by our clergy and professional staff, with topics relevant to our community. 

The new site will make it easier to update photos and content more often and was designed to be more interactive and easier to use! The site has a contemporary design, additional content, an updated calendar, contact information and more photos! The links to social media will enable us to expand our presence on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

In our blog, we are pleased to highlight The Torah Project — set to launch on Sunday, March 11, 2018.

Our Torahs are precious, delicate and the center of our Jewish identity. They require expert handling and ongoing care.

The Torah Project that we are about to launch is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to personally connect with our Torah scrolls. We will gather together for a highly inspirational experience while we restore our revered Torahs.

We have undertaken with Sofer On Site to guide us through the process. They will provide a scribe who will write as well as personally guide us through the beauty of scribing The Torah. The power of associating with our Torah often takes place during a sermon, a class or other spiritual moments. The Torah Project is a comprehensive, inclusive and energizing event. This unique, educational and spiritual journey is designed to provide an enduring Torah experience for our entire community.

The Project is open to all individuals and families. On two days in the spring two and two days this coming fall, congregants will join together for Torah services, scribing, special events and uplifting gatherings. These activities will create an energizing, enriching, long lasting Jewish moment to share with our spouses, children, grandchildren and friends. To inscribe our Torah is an honor and a privilege.

The spirit of Torah is alive and well!

As we embark upon The Torah Restoration Project, our tradition teaches that there are 613 mitzvot in the Torah, the final one on the list is the writing of a Torah scroll. This year, God willing, you will have the opportunity to fulfill this mitzvah that does not come along every day. As our holy scrolls are restored, our wish for you is that each of us be restored in the year to come.


Mark Richmond, President 

Gary Kravitz, President-Elect