What are people from existing Chavurot saying?

What are people from existing Chavurot saying?

Social Gatherings:Chavurah Ruachhas done many interesting things over the years we have been together. We have 15 active members who try to attend all our activities:

miniature golf, Solomon’s Castle, Shabbat services, Chanukah parties, a Mote tour, volunteering at the food festival and the food bank, etc. Everyone has agreed to host an activity. Most of us didn’t know each other prior to joining the Chavurah, but we have become a caring group and are there for support during the good times and the not so good times. We live up to our name – Ruach – spirit!


Volunteering: When you get to know the hosts, ushers, greeters and bima honorees at Shabbat services, one thing you can be sure of – most of them are Chavurah members. The members, either singly or as a group, are on the forefront of volunteers, both within and outside the Temple. When Chavurah Am Ha Yam formed in October, of 2016, one of our missions was to do volunteer work in the Sarasota community.  On Christmas Day, 2016 many of us served dinner at The Salvation Army, which proved to be a very rewarding experience. This year, we volunteered regularly at All Faith’s Food Bank.  Walking into the lobby, there is a mezuzah on the wall; we had come to the right place. Our volunteers, along with folks from Chavurah Gan Eden, sorted through 1700 pounds of food, which can equate to 2,500 meals for those in need in the Sarasota community.  What an impact we had made.  Our hope is that we will continue to volunteer at All Faith’s Food Bank on a regular basis, as well as at other venues within the temple and the community.


Friendships: We were looking for a way to connect and build relationships with the temple and with families like ours. We count our temple friends among people for whom we care very much. We have made those connections and have friends to greet at temple and with whom to share other events. We have built a history together now, and that counts for a lot.  We’re glad they are part of our new life in Sarasota.


Although Chavurot Ess Fressing and Shalombegan as groups of people who came together socially, most of us didn’t have families here; and we needed people to whom we could turn in happy and in sad times.  Many of us have formed deep bonds within our respective Chavurot, and have shared life events with each other.  We have shared holidays such as Sukkot, Chanukah, and Passover together, either at Temple Sinai or at each other’s homes.  We have experienced great joys at times, such as: when we celebrate each other’s special birthdays; when our children/grandchildren graduate from high school or college; or when they wed or give us grandchildren.  We also have experienced great sadness when our spouses, children, siblings and parents pass away.  As all of us reach an age where our bodies need to be “fixed”, we provide moral support by visiting the hospitals, rehab facilities, nursing homes, and shiva homes. To show our connection to Temple Sinai and each other, we make donations to the temple; we contribute to special funds in honor/in memory of our loved ones; we plant trees on the temple grounds, we buy “leaves” or “doves” for the Temple Tree of Life on the wall outside of the sanctuary; we dedicate a bench in the “serenity garden” and much more: WE ARE THERE FOR EACH OTHER! Throughout all our life events, we enjoy being together at services, restaurant dinners and fun trips to the many places that surround us. No, we didn’t start out with the intention of forming a caring family, but we found one within our Chavurah and Temple Sinai.